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About Kieran Hatton
Meet the man behind Diving In Depth
Interested in training or dive travel with Diving In Depth? You can contact Kieran Hatton by phone...

07981 122523
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Kieran is a professional technical diving instructor, with a particular interest in wreck diving and the stories that accompany those wrecks. In a bid to share this passion, Kieran can often be found out diving with a camera in hand.
Kieran began diving in 1995, joining his local club as a 14th birthday present. Having followed his Fathers diving for many years he was lucky enough to join the club during a very active phase; one club member was among the first to dive the Lusitania.

An interest in shipwrecks developed from the beginning and by the late 1990's Kieran had set out on a technical diving path with IANTD.

With a focus on teaching CCR and OC technical courses as well as leading trips and expeditions to locations throughout the world, Kieran has worked full time in the dive industry since 2003. Initially teaching PADI courses based at diving centres in Australia, Plymouth and Scapa Flow, he then started his own diver training and travel business.

Diving In Depth...
Founding Diving in Depth Ltd in 2009, Kieran aims to cater for adventurous divers who are keen to extend their own diving capabilities and visit new places.

Teaching CCR diving requires an in-depth knowledge of the workings of a rebreather. A trained technician with several scuba manufactures, with a good mechanical background, Kieran has kept people's CCR running in the most remote of locations.

Kieran's CCR diving has enabled him to visit some unique locations. By teaching people the necessary skills and conveying his practical approach to CCR diving, Kieran aims to help others do the same. This is one of the core goals of Diving in Depth.

CCR and technical classes are regularly run throughout the UK and Europe with further afield by request.
Take Your Diving Further
The German World War One wrecks in Scapa Flow still hold a special interest for Kieran. He shares this through his 'Scapa in Depth' weeks that run several times a year.

A long held ambition was to dive the WW1 wrecks of the Battle of Jutland, a natural progression from the history of the German Fleet in Scapa Flow, Kieran was able to realise this dream in 2016.
A keen photographer, Kieran regularly leads trips to dive fantastic locations such as Scapa Flow, Malin Head, the Norwegian Fjords and Truk Lagoon. Check out the Facebook pictures!

If not wreck diving then France, Florida and Mexico offer fantastic cave diving and conditions that are less dependent on a favorable wind forecast.
Diving In Depth Schedule
We offer a packed schedule of training, diving and travel opportunities throughout the year. From technical and rebreather training opportunities both here in the UK and abroad to dive trips to some of the world's great dive destinations, below you'll find just a small sample of what we can offer.

Can't find dates that work for you? We appreciate that our clients live busy lives and flexibility is one of our core values. Whether you want to take a rebreather course or realise that 'once in a lifetime' trip to your dream dive destination, call us - we'll always do our best to help.
Interested in training or dive travel with Diving In Depth? You can contact Kieran Hatton by phone...

07981 122523
Alternatively, by email...

12 Days
15th November 2024
Chuuk - Micronesia
11 Days
7th May 2026
Marshall Islands
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