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Rebreather Servicing
Keep your rebreather functioning correctly
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If you expect your rebreather to look after you, then you need to look after it. Regular maintenance and servicing is essential to keep your rebreather functioning correctly - just because it is still working, does not mean it is working correctly!
At Diving in Depth we are able to offer two servicing options for your rebreather:
  • OPTION 1
    You send your entire rebreather to us for a complete strip, clean and reassembly with new o-rings, restoring your rebreather to that 'like new' feel. Where required by the manufacturer we will return the electronics to them for factory inspection and/or service.
  • OPTION 2
    You join us for one of our popular 'service days'. During the course of a very full day you will learn how to service all the user serviceable parts of your rebreather, returning it to that 'like new' feel.

    NOTE - We do not cover the servicing of 1st stages, BOV or electronics. However it is possible to leave these with us for servicing.

Our 'service day' is great way to return your rebreather to tip-top condition and gain some confidence in working on your rebreather; even if you never intend to complete a full service yourself again, it is a good to know that if you suffer a breakdown in a far flung corner of the world you have the know how to get up and running again!

These days are most popular in the winter months, in preparation for the next season of diving. They also offer an opportunity to meet other divers and have a good chat about past exploits and future adventures!
JJ-CCR o-ring downloads
Below you will find sizing charts for the JJ-CCR Main o-ring kit and also the JJ-CCR DSV o-ring kit. Please download and print these to help you identify the correct o-rings from your service kits.
A few notes on the correct use of these downloads:

  • The sizing charts available for download opposite are designed to be used in conjunction with the official JJ factory service kits, not random o-rings.
  • They must be printed at a 1:1 scale or 100%. The documents are full page A4 PDF files - if your printer 'shrinks to fit' then the charts will not match the o-rings correctly. Some o-rings are a very similar size and mis-sizing could occur if the document is not printed at 100% scale.
  • We recommend that you use Adobe Acrobat Reader to print these charts. Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free download available for most computer and mobile platforms. Some programmes such as Apple's 'Preview' create display issues, though printing in black and white is a work around for this issue.

We will also be adding a general medium pressure and high pressure hose o-ring guide shortly.

NOTE: Kit drawings are correct as of August 2019, we will do our best to keep up with any updates.
Revision A - 21-08-2019
Revision A - 29-08-2019
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