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Truk Lagoon
World-class Wreck Diving!
Jaques Cousteau first made the diving in Truk Lagoon famous with his documentary 'Lagoon of Lost Ships' - what a voyage of discovery that must have been! Said to offer over 60 known dive sites, Truk is a wreck divers paradise. From planes to ocean cargo liners and more, Truk has it all - even a submarine.
Join Diving in Depth on a personalised itinerary to dive Cousteau's lost ships. We'll guide you on the trip of a lifetime as you discover for yourself what has made Truk the world's number one destination for wreck divers!

At Diving in Depth we are passionate about diving. We want to share that passion with you whilst making sure every step of your journey is as smooth as possible.

Your trip to Truk Lagoon will be led by Kieran Hatton, an experienced open and closed circuit trimix instructor, equipment technician and accomplished photographer. Kieran strives to keep equipment functioning and people diving whether he is working from the back of his van, in the workshops of Truk Lagoon or many places in between!
The Perfect Partnership
Working with Pete Mesley of Lust4Rust ensures we have simply the best logistics available.
 With over 40 sets of CCR cylinders and the shipment of a tonne of Sofnolime (proper 797 grade), there is security in knowing what you need is in place. We have been working with Pete for over 6 years to ensure you get all the benefits of a Lust4Rust trip complete with all the benefits of a Diving in Depth one - all at no extra cost!
Operation Hailstone
Nicknamed 'Truk' whilst under US control, the remote state of Chuuk is a group of volcanic islands laying a little north of the equator and to the west of the date line, grouped together with several other island chains collectively known as Micronesia.

Micronesia is spread across the western Pacific Ocean and comprises of more than 600 islands. Micronesia is made up of four island states - Pohnpei, Kosrae, Chuuk and Yap.
Occupied during World War 1 by the Japanese, the former German colonies to the north of the equator would play a crucial role during the outbreak of war in the Pacific. As a forward staging area, the Truk naval base (both air and sea) played a pivotal role in the supply and support of Japanese expansion across the Asia Pacific region.

As American led forces swept back across the region, Truk was attacked in February 1944. Operation Hailstone took place over 2 days, destroying over 250 Japanese planes, sinking 45 ships and damaging a further 27. Left unoccupied by the advancing American forces but with its back broken, Truk's role as a forward supply base was over. Smaller scale attacks continued throughout the summer of 1944.
Diving Truk Lagoon
We will be based at the Blue Lagoon Hotel and Dive Centre. Whether you are a single cylinder, twinset or CCR diver - this trip is open to all. We can cater for you in a way that you all get to enjoy the type and style of diving you prefer.

Your package includes 2 dives per day, to ensure everybody gets the most out of their diving, boats are organised by putting divers together of similar qualifications and who wish to do roughly the same depth/run times.

Your dive times are not limited. If you would like to complete a 2 hour dive on your CCR then no problem providing it is followed by a minimum of a 4 hour surface interval. Whilst there is a good chamber in Truk and a doctor and trained chamber operator with us on the trip, we would rather not use them!

By taking a 4 hour surface interval it is more than possible to dive for 2 hours in the morning and 90mins in the afternoon - not a bad day!

Want to smash out a big one? No problem, make it a one dive day and enjoy an afternoon relaxing in the hotel grounds. The diving really is so good that it is easy to overstretch yourself.

Boat numbers are limited to six on the normal boats and eight on the larger boats. Every boat has a crew man/driver and a dive guide. The dive guides are brilliant - they know where everything is and provide an orientation briefing for each wreck. It is entirely your choice whether you follow them for either all, some or none of the dive. Both Kieran and Pete are also on hand to make sure you know where to head for the best bits of each wreck.
Truk Travel Logistics
We will arrange a flight for the entire group. Whilst you are free to book your own flights, we often get a few benefits by booking a large group - a free second bag and/or lounge access for example. Slight variations on the group booking are possible - an early departure/later return, for example. Providing we are able to tie all the bookings together, we have secured additional benefits in previous years. Business class travel is also an option. Whilst we will arrange all the travel, payment will be direct to registered flight agent to ensure all the necessary protections are in place.

It is mandatory to have diving insurance when travelling to Truk Lagoon. A DAN silver policy meets the requirements that will cover any treatment you may require whilst in Truk. Other insurance providers may also be suitable but you should ensure that the level of cover is at least equal to the cover provided by the DAN Silver cover. Standard travel insurance is also strongly advised.
Scheduled Dates

As we are so far in advance of the trip it is not possible to confirm the exact dates due to the airlines having not yet set their schedule. Based on previous years we would be looking at arriving in Truk on the 13th November 2020 to depart on the 26th November 2020. This would mean leaving the UK on the 11th and returning on the 27th. If there is any change from this, we will of course inform all those who have booked.
Standard Costs
We try to give a ‘real world’ cost forecast, based on the current exchange rate (about $1.26 to £1) and costs in 2018. As such, you should budget £5500-6000 for this trip - that is a 'door to door' figure traveling from the UK.

An itemised invoice would look like this:

  • 12 days of diving
  • 13 nights accommodation in twin share rooms with a balcony and sea view
  • transfers to/from the local airport

Total $3395

(2018 rate, this is still available for deposits taken now, this rate will go up)

Also included;
Advanced medical emergency kit, onsite Hyperbaric Physician (don’t underestimate their role, they are great at general doctoring too!), lead, air fills (2 per day), 2 x standard cylinders (80cf/11L, if you are OC tech or CCR these will become your deco/bailout, they will be rigged).
Additional Costs
Food is not included in the diving/accommodation package. It is suggested that you budget $450-$500 for this. Whilst it is difficult to budget for beer/wine etc, if you enjoy a couple of beers at the hotel this will push this figure up, unless you eat less! $450 is a good estimate for someone eating 3 good meals a day.
Every diver has access to 2 x 80cft/11 L single cylinders included in their package, so if you are a single cylinder diver you are sorted.
Manifolded twinsets can be supplied at $15 a day. Twinset hire MUST be arranged in advance.
Both 2l and 3l sets are available at $10 per bottle per day - so $240 for the trip. These MUST be arranged in advance (if you have travelled to Truk with us before this cost is waived).
(2018 prices so allow for a small variation)

  • Oxygen, currently $0.06 per litre
  • Helium, currently $0.15 per litre

Average gas bills in 2018 for those diving CCR trimix were $250-300.
Currently $15 per kilo (sold per 20kg tub). You will use at least a tub, if you need more then it is best to pool resources. There is plenty of all the above to allow us to use the kit we need, so long as we plan in advance.
It is suggested to charge everything to your room and leave a tip at the end of your stay, it’s a US based environment so this in the norm; a total of $200 for gratuities is recommended. Over the last few trips we have split this 50/50 with hotel staff and dive centre staff, we may jiggle this system, though ultimately it is of course your decision whether and how much to tip.
How to Book
Fancy joing us for the dive trip of a lifetime? Please let me know you would like to join and I will forward the booking form to you.

  • Complete and return the required paperwork. The liability release needs initialling on each line. We will also need a copy of your diving cert at the level you intend to dive in Truk (if you are planning an upgrade before you travel that is no problem), your DAN/Insurance membership number (this can be updated nearer the time - please note this is compulsory). Please note that sofnalime KG is a prediction. Forms scanned and returned by email are easiest - contact us if you require a postal address.
  • Transfer the deposit of £450 per person, bank details are on the booking form.

Because the trip is costed in US dollars, we aim to collect slightly too much to cover fluctuations in exchange rate. Rest assured that we will return any overpayment once the trip is paid in full and the exchange rate locked in.
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