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Dive Equipment Sales & Support
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Selecting the right tool for the job is essential when exploring some of the world's best diving locations! We only supply equipment that we are happy to purchase and use ourselves.
Whether you are heading off to dive deep wrecks in cold water or the shallow warm caves of Mexico, being properly equipped is essential.

The equipment we supply has been rigorously tested in some of the harshest diving environments on the planet so we know that it not only works but works well. From the caves of Florida and France to Malin Head, Truk Lagoon and beyond, there's no tougher testing ground.

By its very nature, technical diving is an 'equipment heavy' discipline. Matching equipment to the diver, the environment and their travel requirements is always a juggling act but it's a process we go through ourselves on a regular basis.

You can be sure that our equipment advice is based on real-world experience - we don't recommend equipment based on what earns us the best margins. If it's not fit for purpose, we'll tell you.
The Equipment We Offer
Whatever type of technical diving you enjoy, we can offer a full range of equipment from some of the leading brands in technical diving. Robust, field-tested and fit for purpose, we only supply equipment that makes the grade...
    The rebreathers we sell are units that we regularly dive and you can see us out diving. AP rebreathers, JJ-CCR and X-CCR are all versatile units, whilst ultimately they do the same job they all do it in slightly different packaging; not all may be right for you. There are more manufacturers available many of which we can offer experience of but we focus on what we really know.
    For open circuit divers looking for expedition-grade equipment that is tough and fit for purpose, Halcyon, Dive Rite and X-deep offer a range of equipment to suit a variety of needs and budgets. We can supply wing systems, back gas and bail out/deco regulators and, of course, the full range of ancillary products.
    Whether you're a cave diver or exploring deep wrecks, an effective primary and backup light system is an essential part of your equipment. We recommend two brands - Halcyon and Ammonite Systems, both of which offer exploration-grade lighting systems designed to meet the needs of technical diving.
    We can supply a full range of exposure protection products from leading brands. For drysuits, we recommend the suits that we have used ourselves for many years - the Britannic and Ultralight suits from Otter. To keep you warm under your suit, we offer thermals and heating systems from leading manufacturers Fourth Element and SANTI.
    Shearwater Research designs and manufactures computers for divers demanding more from themselves and their diving experience. Whether you're diving nitrox, multi gas trimix or a closed circuit rebreather, Shearwater offers products which are powerful, simple and reliable.
Why buy from Diving In Depth?
As a specialist retailer, we only sell what we use. Generally it is possible for you to try the equipment it is you are considering and compare & contrast with alternatives.

We don't have a web shop - buying from us means talking to us which means you'll receive the advice you need to make an informed decision. If you're looking for the cheapest deal on the web then this is not the place for you. We offer consultation, advice and support for divers who appreciate the importance of buying the right equipment for the job.

Taking the time to research the options available to see what meets your requirements and needs now and in the future is time well spent. Being aware of the likes of air travel regulations can avoid costly mistakes.

As official dealers for all the products we supply, you can be sure of full support when you need.
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