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Training with Diving In Depth
Diver training designed around you
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Technical diver training - be it rebreather or open circuit - is a big commitment for most both in terms of time and investment. Many will have a goal in mind, be that further exploration in UK waters, a trip to Truk or the desire to head underground.
Our training is designed and delivered to help you reach your end goals and recognises that learning does not stop on the last day of the course - there is a continued mentoring process to nearly all courses. We want you to enjoy the same great diving that we do and will do all we can to achieve that.

Our courses will not be the shortest route to the next 'qualification card' and will not be the cheapest - what they will be is comprehensive, well paced and not overcrowded. We strongly believe in the old training mantra 'training is purchased but certification must be earnt'.

Regardless of whether they are run in the UK or overseas, most courses begin with a classroom session covering the required theory and equipment preparation & configuration. Whilst 'time in the water' is critical to any good course, entering the water under prepared is always counter productive.

Dive sites are selected to offer conditions suitable for the level of training being undertaken.

Training designed around you
Every course is tailored to those on it - the format always changes and the pace is different form course to course.

The standard structure for the courses offered is what we have found to work in the majority of cases. There will be situations when this format will not work and we can of course be flexible here and build a bespoke training package around you, one-to-one training is also available upon request.

Post course support is key; we pride ourselves on prompt response to questions, all-important as you find your feet at your new level of diving.

With our courses not being squashed into unrealistically small time frames and our student to instructor ratio being small there is always time to make sure each individual receives the time that they require.

We believe that in 99% of situations, training in a single block is the best way. In our experience, the learning continuity is so much better than if broken down into a series of non-consecutive days.
Choose your training path...
Your individual training path will very much depend on your current level/style of diving. A quick look at the flow chart is well worthwhile but, a conversation is also a good idea - you can only learn so much from a website.

Sometimes the path will be very obvious; an open circuit trimix diver looking to maximise their trimix diving possibilities, for example, will be best suited making the jump to a rebreather.

The Advanced Nitrox/limited trimix diver (ART/Helitrox) on open circuit has more to consider. Do you make the jump to a rebreather or investigate further open circuit training? We can help you make that choice.
The new to tech diving diver now has more choices; there are sensible paths for both open circuit and rebreather training from entry level.

Of course there is also the option for specialist training such as CCR Advanced Wreck or the Essentials programme that are available to divers of various levels looking to push themselves in new directions or to polish the basics.

Ultimately, the best place to start is always with a telephone call or an email - we're always happy to discuss training options and the training route that best suits what you want to do so why not get in touch?
Open Circuit
Technical Training
Rebreather Diver
Skills Specific
Skills Refinement Training
IANTD Essentials
Whilst not a pre requisite for those looking to undertake trimix or overhead environment training, we strongly recommend the IANTD Essentials course to any diver wishing to improve their stability in the water prior to more advanced training. It is also a good opportunity to introduce new equipment - a sidemount system, for example - for rebreather bailout.
IANTD Essentials
Do you want to improve your buoyancy, fin backwards? This is where to look! Essentials is all about improving your core skills, whether on a rebreather or open circuit.

Slotting in at any point along the training path this course will not allow you to dive deeper or for longer (in terms of qualifications limits). With no pressures to move to a deeper dive we are able to spend the entire course in the shallows concentrating on your 'platform'.

Running over 3 days, we begin with equipment configuration, body positioning and being 'still' in the water. Moving below the surface, the first step is to make sure you are weighted correctly before putting into practice what has been learnt topside. As skills progress more techniques are introduced and additional complexities such as line-laying, stage removal and gas sharing added. For rebreather divers a strong emphasis is placed on loop volume control.

Entry requirements are Rescue Diver or equivalent. The course is open to both rebreather and open circuit divers.
Training Schedule
We offer a packed schedule of training, diving and travel opportunities throughout the year. From technical and rebreather training opportunities both here in the UK and abroad to dive trips to some of the world's great dive destinations, below you'll find just a small sample of what we can offer.

Can't find dates that work for you? We appreciate that our clients live busy lives and flexibility is one of our core values. Whether you want to take a rebreather course or realise that 'once in a lifetime' trip to your dream dive destination, call us - we'll always do our best to help.
Interested in training or dive travel with Diving In Depth? You can contact Kieran Hatton by phone...

07981 122523
Alternatively, by email...

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