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  • From Malin Head to Truk Lagoon and beyond, we offer trips to the world's best dive destinations!
Dive Trips & Travel
Experience the world's best diving with us!
Interested in training or dive travel with Diving In Depth? You can contact Kieran Hatton by phone...

07981 122523
Alternatively, by email...

Talk to us about your diving aspirations - whether there is a destination that grabs your attention or maybe you have a great idea for one, we love talking about visiting dive destinations old and new. Great diving - that is what it's all about!
Whilst training should always be enjoyable, we never forget that its purpose is to enable you to go out and enjoy great diving. The anticipation of great diving - whether it be a weekend in the Channel, a week in Malin or perhaps even a trip of a lifetime to Truk - is the best motivator to keep those skills sharp!

We pride ourselves on offering well-organised trips and expeditions to some of the very best diving destinations. Through good research and great communication every step of the way, we promise your trip will be enjoyable and run smoothly.

We run a regular calendar of trips to some of the best diving locations in the world. From Norway, Scapa Flow, Croatia, Malin Head and Jutland to Malta, NE Scotland, the English Channel, the caves of France and Florida and, of course, Truk Lagoon, our knowledge of these destinations is second to none.

Why travel
with us?
Put simply, we visit some of the best diving locations in the world!

Norway, Scapa Flow, Croatia, Truk Lagoon, Malin Head, Jutland, Malta, NE Scotland, English Channel, French Caves, Florida's Caves. In addition, plans are afoot for future trips to visit the wrecks in the Baltic, Gallipoli, The Great Lakes and the Philippines.

You'll get to travel with divers who share similar interests to yourself. Whilst occasionally a larger group of people will book together, we very much cater for smaller groups and individuals. Divers often form long lasting friendships and go on to join expeds together.

Having a trained and experienced technician along with an indepth knowledge of dive equipment - especially rebreathers - can be useful when your own equipment malfunctions in remote locations. Whilst we cannot guarantee to get you up and running every time, we'll always try our best - we take as many spares parts and equipment that logistics will allow!
Dive Trips & Travel Calendar
We offer a packed schedule of training, diving and travel opportunities throughout the year. From technical and rebreather training opportunities both here in the UK and abroad to dive trips to some of the world's great dive destinations, below you'll find just a small sample of what we can offer.

Can't find dates that work for you? We appreciate that our clients live busy lives and flexibility is one of our core values. Whether you want to take a rebreather course or realise that 'once in a lifetime' trip to your dream dive destination, call us - we'll always do our best to help.
Interested in training or dive travel with Diving In Depth? You can contact Kieran Hatton by phone...

07981 122523
Alternatively, by email...

12 Days
15th November 2024
Chuuk - Micronesia
11 Days
7th May 2026
Marshall Islands
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